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Informant Support Holiday Schedule
Posted by Wesley Sandlin on 22 December 2014 08:29 PM

Our support offices will be closing early on 12/24 and will be closed all day 12/25.

From 12/26-12/31 Our support staff will be working reduced hours to spend time with their families

Support will be closed 1/1/2015 with normal hours resuming 1/2/2015

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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WebIS Support moving to HelpShift
Posted by Alex Kac on 03 November 2014 07:53 PM

On November 1st Informant on iOS began to use HelpShift as our new support system and by Tuesday November 4th our Android version will as well.

We are moving to Helpshift because we believe it will provide a better support experience over time for our users and our agents. With Informant 4.51 we have a simple implementation of Helpshift and in 4.52 coming soon we have a more advanced implementation setup.

Some of the benefits to you are:

  1. In-App conversations. This means you can get your help faster, and more efficiently. You can notifications in the app itself when a support rep responds to you. Don't have to deal with email.
  2. Screenshots can be sent directly to our support team. They can request screenshots from you.
  3. FAQs are automatically searched when you create a support request - we find that most issues can be resolved via a FAQ

In general the experience for you should be dramatically better, more fluid, and more professional. For our support team the change does mean a bit of a complexity up front - learning a new system and working with replies off Kayako (this system) and the new, but we expect that to smooth out by the end of November at the latest.

How do I create a support request?

The best way is in-app. On iOS simply go to the Feedback tab (?) and create a support request. On Android, with the new update go to Settings->Application->Contact Support and create a support request. On the web, simply visit

What if I have issues with Helpshift?

Since we've just implemented Helpshift and have been using it in our betas, we have seen a couple issues with the new system that we are working with the very responsive team at Helpshift on - due to our unique set of requirements. Some of these issues are being resolved in future Helpshift updates, and some will be resolved in Informant 4.52 for iOS. The one that we are aware of is that sometimes submitting a new ticket for the first time, the name/email fields are hidden under the keyboard on iOS. In most cases, pressing "Send", getting the error, will bring up the fields above the keyboard. 

What do you have to do?

In general, nothing. For new issues or questions, please use the new Helpshift system. For existing ones in Kayako, we will continue to answer them in Kayako. For those issues that have become zombies (i.e. waiting for a user response for over a month) we will close the case and you can create a new case within Helpshift.

Who is Helpshift?

Helpshift is a major mobile-specific support system used and trusted by many large and small companies. They are mobile-oriented which means that they focus on best-in class experience. Their goal is to help us help our customers as quickly as possible. We love their service because of the experience it provides the customer on mobile.

Thank you. If you receive this via email, please do not respond - it goes into a non-reply email. Thank you.

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November 1st 2014 - New Support System
Posted by Alex Kac on 24 October 2014 05:21 PM

Please note that as of November 1st 2014 we are moving our support system to HelpShift (an in-app support system with better user communication). 

For new tickets we would ask as of that time to use the new support system within the iOS application's Feedback tab and coming soon to Android. For existing tickets you may continue to use this web/email based system.

Helpshift provides use with a lot of major improvements to support including in-app knowledgebase searching, screenshots, and more. However it is a new system and there will be a learning curve both for our support team and our engineers. We appreciate your patience.

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Pocket Informant 4.51 has been released
Posted by Wesley Sandlin on 21 October 2014 11:47 PM

The 4.51 update will correct the following issues-

iPad go to date popover not disimissing

Calendar Store Loop

iPad Travel Assist Window

Fix ability to add multiple alarms to an event

Fixed Touch ID being asked for on non Touch ID devices

Fixed Toodledo None Priority handling

Corrected Text Expander Crash


Items that will be fixed in later updates-


Dropbox Backup Is Currently Not Fixed


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Update Going To Apple Tonight 10/21
Posted by Wesley Sandlin on 21 October 2014 05:28 PM

We are sending an update to Apple tonight for urgent review and release.  We do not know how fast Apple will turnaround the app.  The update will fix the calendar store loop, and the requirement for a fingerprint check on devices that do not support that function.

We do appreciate your patience, stay with us as we get these things corrected!

Have a great day!

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