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How to Upgrade Go! to 3.50
Posted by Alex Kac on 27 January 2014 02:23 PM

Pocket Informant Go! was created along-side Pro as a low-cost version of Pocket Informant with the ability to upgrade to the full Pro feature set. With the release of Pocket Informant 3.50 we now have one unified application that encompasses three levels: Free, Go! (Basic) and Pro (Premium).

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Need help with 3.5 detecting prior Pro/Go! purchase?
Posted by Alex Kac on 27 January 2014 02:02 PM

Pocket Informant is now a free download to allow new users to try the software out. In free-mode, several limitations are put in place. If you already purchased Pocket Informant Pro (or the Pro upgrade in Go!) 3.31 or earlier: in most cases this will be detected and you will be automatically upgraded out of the “free” Pocket Informant experience and into the Premium level. However we anticipate there will be some situations where this detection may not work right away. Here are some common cases and ways to fix them.

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Pocket Informant 3.3 for iOS Release (December 1st)
Posted by Alex Kac on 25 November 2013 09:53 PM

Version 3.3 brings many major improvements and solidifies Pocket Informant as the best calendar and task manager on iOS. We have been approved by Apple and will be releasing 3.3 on December 1st (to allow for the US Thanksgiving week that we are taking off - please scroll down to read the next news article on our Holiday Support Schedule)

Here are the imrovements

  • Global Quick Event Entry
    • Use two fingers to swipe down in any screen to access a natural language event entry creation
    • Natural Language Entry is now disabled by default in the editors.  We believe the new Global Quick Entry feature is a superior way to use NLE.  Additionally, we received feedback from folks who didn't realize that this feature was on, and thus were confused when PI started parsing event titles like "Black Friday”.
  • Natural Language now supports Calendars, Tags, Projects, and Contexts:
    • Meet Bob at the library tomorrow 5pm cal:home tag:book club, astronomy
    • Replace the air filters every month prj:home maintenance ctx:allergen
    • The Calendar, Tag, etc specifiers are expected to be at the end of the text, in no particular order. You can also use the full labels: calendar, tags, project, context. The search for the objects by title is case insensitive.
  • Significant upgrade of Google Sync
    • Sync Errors are now shown in the Settings screen
    • Performance is improved 10x
    • More complete sync with extensive usage of Google's meta-data
  • Voice Recording adds a Pause button
  • Added "Change Folder/Notebook" option to the Swipe menu for tasks and notes so you can quickly file your tasks/notes
  • Notes View now supports drag and drop between folders - and sync accounts
  • iPhone/iPad Events/Reminders now support icons and the URL fields
  • Color your Week/Month days by performing a long press on a day - syncs with PIO
  • Improved reliability of Font/font size picking in Rich Text Notes Editor
  • ETA can now be controlled per calendar; and also removed by swiping on the Today screen
  • Location Live Search in the editors is now optional - swipe to the left to turn it off
  • Tab/Views can now be re-ordered, turned on/off, and configured in the Settings screen (iOS 7 only)
  • Improvements for Startup Interview and improved flow
  • Improvements to PIO sync for images and plain text notes
  • Added a new Default Project setting
  • Improved section ordering in the Tasks View
  • Improved color picker is faster, modern, and better in every way
  • Search View is improved in many ways including better reliability
  • Continued improvements for some visual timezones on events
  • Update alarm sounds
  • Fixed a crash when waking Pocket Informant up, especially after a time change
  • Improved multi-day template support
  • Improved ICS event import with timezones and multiple events
  • Improved Background Fetch on iOS 7 in general, including adding support to monitor iPhone/iPad Event/Reminder changes
  • User interface improvements, upgrades, and polish throughout - too numerous to mention

We've spent several months since iOS 7 taking feedback and fine tuning the design and improving reliability greatly.

Please note that this will be the last major release to run on iOS 6. 

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Pocket Informant 3.0 (build 63) released for iOS
Posted by Alex Kac on 22 May 2013 05:02 AM

Version 3.0 is a major release with many changes. We've been testing this and gathering feedback from hundreds of users and some press for many months. We continue to gather feedback from our user base after release and we appreciate it!

We originally released 3.0 on Tuesday May 21st as build 62 - but we found an issue with the Weather In-App purchase (powered by Weather Underground). We quickly got an update (build 63) approved by Apple that fixed this issue. Weather will be turned off on build 62 in the next couple days.

When requesting help - please check our very detailed set of Knowledgebase Articles for 3.0:

Here are the release notes for 3.0:



3.0 is here! Please make sure to BACKUP before upgrading. Please also note that this update requires iOS 5 and runs best on iOS 6 and up. 

• NEW ”CLEAR” INTERFACE - a brand new redesigned interface that is beautiful, flat, and easy to use: 
-Customizable Event/Task Row settings (pick just the stuff you want to see) 
-Slide-out side panel to give you context-specific options 
-Time zone picker is more intuitive / easier to use 

• EVERNOTE SYNC - sync your notebooks, tags, notes, and attachments (stacks, todos and tables not supported yet) 
• RICH TEXT EDITOR for Notes - edit your event/task comments with plain or rich text; Notes are full rich text with lists, styles, and fonts. 
• WEATHER (available as an in-app purchase) to show weather in Today, List, Week, and Month views 
• NATURAL LANGUAGE EVENT AND TASK CREATION - Enter phrases like “Coffee with Mom every Tuesday at 6am”. Pocket Informant will understand and set your event accordingly. Currently, only available for English. 
• PROJECTS can now have a due date, a default template, be set to automatically complete, use parallel/sequential/single-task “next action” modes, and more! 
• CHECKLISTS - you can create checklists for your tasks that involve lists of stuff (like grocery shopping, packing, etc) 
• TODAY VIEW - now lets you toggle between Today & Tomorrow and is fully customizable: rearrange sections, turn any section on/off, Due & Overdue tasks have been split into separate sections, and custom smart filters can now be placed on the Today view! 
• PI ONLINE EMAIL TO TASK CONVERSION - Subscribers can now email Pocket Informant Online to automatically create tasks that sync down to Pocket Informant! 
• SEARCH TAB - now searches notes 
• TASKS - can now be set to repeat from the start date 
• TASKS TAB - You can now reorder and hide pre-defined filters & custom smart filters on the Task tab 
• NOTES - Non-modal note editing on iPad (change tabs while editing a note, then come back to the notes tab and immediately resume note editing) 
• TEMPLATES - can now be named separate from the event/task title and can now span across midnight 
• EVENT ICS SUPPORT - Significantly improved emailing events and importing ICS files 

We hope you enjoy this release and, as always, we appreciate your feedback. 

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